Finding My Religion (Dedicated to Johnny… and Grandma… LOL)

Every Sunday I get up and go to St. Augustine’s Cathedral on St. Augustine road to take in the calm atmosphere and inspiring architecture. I sit there and pray for about 10 minutes… centering myself before the upcoming week. 

I have yet to attend a formal service, however, I intend to go tomorrow! 

There are so many churches in the area… so many AMAZING churches. I can’t wait to explore them all! 

I really crave ritual and ceremony in life… prayer is not enough.

The ritual and ceremony seem to clear the space (physical space, psychic space, spiritual space, whatever) so that the prayer can get through – smoothly and cleanly – to the ‘other side’. 

*Ok, CHER is blasting through the airwaves right now and I am REALLY feeling it (it’s the song, “I Found Someone”)

Attached below is a picture.

In the church they have a shrine dedicated to St. Augustine… and placed in the center of frame is one of his old bracelets! It’s downright ANCIENT, and no doubt full of MANNA (baraka!?).